Site Goals

What is this site and why is it being made?

This site is being made to help people get into crypto-currencies and trading. Bitcoin is the big name in crypto and it’s been gaining traction every year becoming more and more sought after. This means each year more and more people are wanting to get in.

What is going to be covered on this site (also a checklist for writers):

  • What is crypto? <todo link>
  • What is an exchange? <todo link>
  • How to get your first Crypto <todo link>
  • How crypto works <todo link>
  • How to sign up for Coinbase
  • How to sign up for Kucoin
  • How to sign up for Binance
  • How to sign up for FTX
  • How to sign up for ByBit
  • How to sign up for HitBTC
  • How to transfer your crypto a to b
  • What is an AMM
  • What is a Dex
  • What is DeFi


If there is anything you would like added to this site add a comment below and populare comments will be created into a new post.

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